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The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has achieved the milestone of successfully producing and delivering 1 million vehicle driving licensing discs using its online system.

RTMC catered to a total of 1,058,000 motor vehicle owners who renewed their licenses online, and to celebrate this milestone, Advocate Makhosini Msibi, CEO of RTMC, personally delivered a disc to Lukie Mashishi in Ivory Park in Tembisa on Thursday.

Msibi said South Africans are saving time by processing their licenses online and having their discs delivered to their homes instead of visiting the licensing center where they have to stand in long queues.

"We are partnering with people like you to improve our services," Msibi added, according to SA News. "Everybody has been saying we are bad as government, but this bears testimony that we are improving."

The RTMC CEO also praised Mashishi for using the online system and embracing the fourth industrial revolution in a government online service.

It is worth noting that RTMC is the only online platform that allows South Africans to renew their licenses without paying any additional service or administration fees. The only cost citizens have to shoulder are the actual license fees and courier service charges.

Mashishi, who received his disc, said, "I was initially skeptical to do this transaction online, but I said let me give it a try. It really works and I am glad to be one of the million people who have used the online system. I wish the service can grow and serve more people."

Mashishi recalled that he was assisted by his 13-year-old child while processing his license online and was surprised by how easy the entire procedure was.

The platform, which was launched in February 2022, has "grown in leaps and bounds as it has been able to bring convenience to hundreds of thousands of motorists" across South Africa, according to RTMC.

"With great pride, the RTMC acknowledges the substantial progress made in its pursuit of delivering a world-class service to the citizens of South Africa," it added.

RTMC encouraged everyone to take advantage of the convenient service and renew their licenses online from any part of the country.

"Vehicle owners can update their contact details on the platform to be able to receive reminder notifications and forms to be used when renewing licenses," RTMC said. "The process is quick and easy and offers motorists an ability to check the status of their driving license cards."