AI Relies On Mass Surveillance, Warns Signal Boss

Meredith Whittaker said concerns about surveillance and those about AI were 'two framings of the same thing'
The AI tools that crunch numbers, generate text and videos and find patterns in data rely on mass surveillance and exercise concerning control over our lives, the boss of encrypted messaging app Signal told AFP on Thursday.
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You'll still need to keep your hands on the wheel of a Renault car for the foreseeable future

Renault To Pursue Autonomous Minibuses But Not Cars

It announced it will demonstrate the readiness of the technology for public transport by running a shuttle bus service, together with its partner WeRide, at the Roland-Garros tennis tournament in Paris later this month.
OpenAI and Microsoft are in a heated rivalry with Google to be generative AI's major player, but Facebook-owner Meta and upstart Anthropic are also making big moves to compete

OpenAI Gives ChatGPT New Powers To See, Hear

The update to OpenAI's flagship product landed a day before Google is expected to make its own announcements about Gemini, the search engine giant's own AI tool that competes with ChatGPT head on.
Fortnite is free to download but offers paying services

Dutch Fine Fortnite Maker For 'Pressuring' Kids With Ads

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) hit Epic Games with two separate fines totaling the equivalent of $1.2 million, after finding that underage gamers "could experience pressure in several ways to make purchases."
Apple said it won't air the iPad 'Crush' ad on television as planned

Apple Apologizes For IPad 'Crush' Ad After Backlash

Social media users immediately criticized the ad, which was posted on X by Apple CEO Tim Cook, as painfully tone-deaf at a time when the creative community is worried about its future with the emergence of generative AI.
OpenAI has announced the launch of a new tool aimed at detecting whether digital images have been created by artificial intelligence

OpenAI Unveils Tool To Detect DALL-E Images

According to the company, OpenAI's image detection classifier, which is currently under test, can assess the likelihood that a given image originated from one of the company's generative AI models like DALL-E 3.
The Amazon announcement follows a multi-billion-dollar investment in Southeast Asia by Microsoft

Amazon Says Will Invest $9 Billion In Singapore

The announcement comes after fellow tech titan Microsoft unveiled billions of dollars of investment in the same sectors in Southeast Asia last week as firms look to take advantage of growing demand in the region.
Ukrainian sentenced to 13 years in US prison for role in REvil ransomware attacks

13 Years In US Prison For Ukrainian REvil Hacker

A Ukrainian man was sentenced to more than 13 years in prison in Texas on Wednesday for his role in ransomware attacks by the notorious Russia-based REvil hacking group, the US Justice Department said.
Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg warned autonomous weapons systems would 'soon fill the world's battlefields'

Vienna Conference Urges Regulation Of AI Weapons

Like gunpowder and the atomic bomb, artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to revolutionize warfare, analysts say, making human disputes unimaginably different -- and a lot more deadly.