South Africa's logistics backlog needs to be dealt with urgently to ensure it doesn't continue to affect the country's economic growth, said President Cyril Ramaphosa, adding the government will consider measures to help improve rail and port efficiencies.

"We need to take urgent measures to resolve the logistics backlog that continues to undermine economic growth," President Ramaphosa said, during Wednesday's virtual meeting held with chief executives from key exporting economic sectors, including automotive, freight forwarding, mining and minerals, and the agricultural and forestry, SA News reported.

President Ramaphosa added the government will consider and announce a set of measures for improving port and rail efficiencies.

"I deeply appreciate the constructive manner in which all the impacted sectors have approached the resolution of this crisis," the president said. "Government will consider some of the proposals presented and act on them quickly in order to unlock much-needed investments into the economy."

As per the president's office, the measures will be aligned with the government policy for the freight transport sector in the White Paper on National Rail Policy alongside the legislation such as the National Ports Act and the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill that are currently pending in the Parliament.

This virtual interaction was held with large exporters after the president's meeting with members of the Transnet board and executive management at the Union Buildings in Pretoria last week, where they discussed the challenges faced by the logistics system in the country, such as the freight rail network's worsening performance.

Ramaphosa directed the railway company, Transnet, to quickly work on the railways and ports to contribute to the growth of the South African economy.

"There is work underway between the various departments to finalize this roadmap, coordinated by Operation Vulindlela, and I would like this process to be completed as quickly as possible," the president said during the meeting held on March 28, SA News reported. "We must remain focused on structural reforms to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the transport sector in the long term."

"One of these reforms is to enable third-party access to the freight rail network by private rail operators, while the network itself remains in the ownership of the state."

Aside from this, Ramaphosa also addressed South Africans who were "engaging in prayerful devotion and family-centered activities" during Easter, saying that everyone should take good care of one another.

He noted that it wasn't the roads, but the people's behavior that was dangerous.

"Behavior such as drinking and driving, overtaking on solid lines and blind rises in the road, not taking breaks when we are tired, or overloading vehicles with people or goods," he explained. "We can all play our part by reporting risky behavior or criminal activity, by moderating the way we socialize with alcohol, and by avoiding conflict within our families or circles of friends."

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