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The cabinet said the Road Accident Fund (RAF)'s turnaround strategy yielded significant improvements in claims settlement and cut down legal as well as medical costs.

Speaking on Monday, the Cabinet mentioned it received a briefing on the implementation of the turnaround strategy for the RAF that aims to simplify the funds system and improve the process of helping accident victims in benefits and payouts.

The cabinet noted there has been improvements in settling claims within 120 days and reducing legal costs by 75%. Furthermore, the strategy has also decreased medical expenses to R2.1 billion from R3.6 billion in the last four financial years.

Cabinet highlighted the launch of the RAF contact center as a significant step as it allows RAF claimants to access their claim information directly, reducing the need to rely on legal representatives. Furthermore, the platform also allows the claimant to crosscheck the payments made by RAF to their legal representatives.

"The interventions also led to cumulative legal cost savings of over R23 billion in the three years of implementing the strategy. Moreover, the strategy interventions resulted in the reduction of claims paid to claimants/ short term liability to R9.3 billion for the period ending 31 March 2023," the cabinet said, SA News reported.

Cabinet also mentioned that the RAF Amendment Bill will be considered by the 7th administration of government, adding that it is aimed at "refining the benefits and the payment of certain products in annuities and making it equitable."

Aside from this, the cabinet also urged citizens to vote in the upcoming elections on May 29, marking the seventh general elections, where 325 political parties will be taking part.

"The Electoral Code of Conduct commits all those contesting the elections to abide by the set of rules that are meant to ensure free and fair elections. Cabinet is confident that our nation will once again build on our track record of holding regular, credible, free and fair national and local elections since 1994," it said.

The Electoral Commission (IEC) on earlier this week started printing the ballot papers and reminded people to apply for special votes as the window will remain open from April 15 to May 3.