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Alexei Navalny's supporters said his mother Lyudmila was being refused access to his body

Navalny Team Says Mother Barred From Morgue

The mother of late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is being refused access to his body for a third day, his team said on Monday as his widow prepared to meet European foreign ministers.
The Eiffel Tower was closed due to a strike

Eiffel Tower Closes As Staff Go On Strike

The Eiffel Tower, one of the world's top tourist attractions, was closed Monday after staff went on strike, unions told AFP. The strike, which was called to protest over the way the monument is managed financially, could be extended, they said.
Highland clans have fought each other in Papua New Guinea for centuries, but an influx of automatic weapons has made clashes more deadly and escalated the cycle of violence

64 Dead In Papua New Guinea Tribal Violence

The victims were believed to be tribal fighters who were ambushed by a rival group in the early hours of Sunday. The incident occurred near the town of Wabag, about 600 kilometers (370 miles) northwest of the capital Port Moresby.
Smog is pictured over Lake Geneva in Switzerland in February 2017

Big Firms With $7 Tn Exit Climate Investment Pressure Group

JPMorgan Asset Management, which manages $3.1 trillion in assets, has not renewed its membership in Climate Action 100+, saying through a spokesperson that it will oversee its stewardship on climate change with companies with its bank staff.
Supplies of artillery shells are said to be running low in Ukraine

EU Must Double Ukraine Aid, As US Turns Off The Taps: Institute

With existing funding having already dried up, Republicans in the US House of Representatives are blocking authorizing $60 billion in new military aid despite Ukrainian commanders and Western officials have said in recent days that Ukrainian troops are running out of ammunition.
The DSA is a mammoth law that will force digital giants to aggressively police content online

EU Rules Policing Digital Content Kick In Saturday

The new rules, known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), kicked in last year for the world's largest platforms, including Facebook and TikTok, but will now apply to all except the smallest companies.
US House Speaker Mike Johnson said there was no need for alarm

US Facing 'Serious' Security Threat: Top Lawmakers

In public, officials said there was no need for panic -- but refused to give details, only issuing cryptic statements about a serious matter, which is set to be discussed in a closed-doors meeting between congressional leaders and the White House on Thursday.
It follows the unsealing last month of court documents containing the identities of people linked to Epstein and his lover Ghislaine Maxwell

Victims Sue FBI For Epstein Probe Failings

The twelve complainants, all anonymized in court documents as "Jane Does", claim that the United States' leading national law enforcement agency "failed to adequately investigate the abuse" and ignored Epstein's sexual interest in underage girls.
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said the group had a "remarkable" 2023 with a takoff in sales and orders

Airbus Posts 11 Percent Profit Drop For 2023

The group, which delivered 735 aircraft last year despite supply chain problems, said it plans to deliver about 800 in 2024. It reached the mark in 2018 before the pandemic battered the aviation industry.
Pedestrians cross the street in front of luxury shops in the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo on January 19, 2024

Germany Overtakes Japan As Third-biggest Economy

Once forecast to become the world's biggest economy, Japan slipped below Germany last year to fourth place, official data showed Thursday, although India is projected to leapfrog both later this decade.
Intuitive Machines, the Houston company leading mission "IM-1," hopes to become the first non-government entity to achieve a soft touchdown on the Moon and land the first US robot on the surface since the Apollo missions more than five decades ago

Private US Spaceship Takes Off For The Moon

Intuitive Machines, the Houston company leading mission "IM-1," hopes to become the first non-government entity to achieve a soft touchdown on the Moon, and to land the first US robot on the surface since the Apollo missions more than five decades ago.
Russia said Ukrainian drones hit an oil depot in the Kursk region

Ukraine Reinforces 'Extremely Critical' Frontline Town

While the two sides staged new missile attacks on each other, Russian forces have laid siege to Avdiivka in the eastern Donetsk region since last year and its position has grown increasingly precarious in recent days.