Ericsson and Nokia are hopeful over the medium-term as only of a quarter of mobile towers outside of China have been updated to 5G

Telecommunications provider Telkom announced on Wednesday that the company will enhance connectivity across the country by deploying 4G and 5G networks amid upcoming elections.

In a statement, Telkom noted that the company is working towards developing solutions to enrich customers' lives alongside helping the growth of enterprises and small businesses in South Africa.

Serame Taukobong, CEO of Telkom, recalled the R5.9 billion investment pledge the company made last year during the South African Investment Conference (SAIC) will help South Africa's economic development and productivity and create new jobs.

South African government holds 40.5% shares in Telkom directly, while it also has 15.3% shares via the Public Investment Corporation. Furthermore, the company shares a partnership with the Electoral Commission (IEC).

Talking about the partnership with IEC, Taukobong said, "Together, the two have successfully executed six national general elections and five local government and municipal elections since 1994," SA News reported.

"Telkom is again ready to deliver national digital connectivity to support the IEC's crucial role in our democratic process. Our country's prospects depend on it," he said, noting that digitalization is important for South Africa's economic development.

He stressed that the infrastructure of South Africa is the backbone of the country's economy, underpinning essential service providers like banks, retailers, and the mobile sector.

"Our role is to connect more businesses – big and small – as well as more schools, more homes, and more individuals. Some of our key goals include accelerating mobile growth, driving high-speed broadband adoption, expansion of the network, and connecting South Africans to a better life," he added.

The statement came just one week after Telkom shared an update regarding cable theft, which is vandalizing the infrastructure. South African Police Service (SAPS) and Telkom's joint efforts helped to arrest several criminals involved in the theft.

Executive of Corporate Security at Telkom Sepadi Nkadimeng said, "Our partnerships made it possible to achieve great results, helping to turn the tide against crime. Many arrests have been made, but most importantly, we've supported the process of driving cases through the courts to get positive convictions."

Last year, the police department arrested around 600 people for cable theft. Since July 2017, the total number of arrests for the crime has reached 3,003.

The ruling African National Congress party faces off against opposition parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters party and the Democratic Alliance, in the upcoming elections scheduled for the first half of 2024.