Hainan Airlines x Rokid Glass for watching movies
A Hainan Airlines passenger tries Rokid's AR Glasses during the Hainan Airlines x Rokid Glass partnership launch on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2023. IBTimes US


  • Rokid says the partnership marks a significant milestone in transforming traditional in-flight entertainment
  • The lightweight AR glasses are equipped with dual directional speakers and a 360-inch borderless screen
  • The AR company looks to integrate real-time interactive games and virtual tools within its in-flight technology

In a major milestone in "smart aviation," mixed reality firm Rokid teamed up with Hainan Airlines to launch "the world's first AR in-flight experience," providing passengers with an immersive "private cinema" viewing – all within the comfort of their plane seats.

During Wednesday's launch, passengers en route to Xi'an from Shenzhen were ecstatic to find special glasses on their seats aboard Hainan Airlines flight HU7874.

Rokid's augmented reality (AR) glasses feature a borderless 360-inch screen, a 120Hz refresh rate, and 1080 pixels resolution, ensuring 3D movie enjoyment even at 30,000 feet in the air.

For maximum 3D entertainment, Rokid's AR Glasses comes with dual directional speakers that let passengers enjoy high-quality sound without disturbing other flyers.

At 75g, Rokid's AR glasses provide comfort and up to five hours of battery life, allowing passengers to watch three movies at one-go, according to the company.

Rokid's team tested the glasses extensively to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience and picked five latest films suitable for Lunar New Year festivities.

The AR flight project will run from Feb. 8 through March 31. Commencing on Feb. 8 and spanning over a month, over 20 Hainan Airlines flights will feature Rokid AR Entertainment Kits.

"This partnership marks a significant advancement in transforming the traditional in-flight entertainment landscape, offering passengers an immersive journey like never before. As technology continues to reshape air travel, the future holds promises of more personalized and diverse experiences for flyers," Rokid said in a statement.

The Hainan Airlines initiative is just the first step towards Rokid's goals of providing first-class entertainment experiences for flyers. The tech company looks to expand its in-flight AR technology integration to include real-time interactive games and virtual tools, Rokid told International Business Times.

The ultimate goal is to "make every flight an unforgettable adventure for passengers of all ages, truly ushering in the era of 'smart aviation.'"

Hainan Airlines x Rokid Glass for children
Rokid's AR Glasses aims to transform the traditional in-flight entertainment experience for passengers of all ages. IBTimes US

Founded in 2014 in Hangzhou, China, Rokid offers several AR solutions powered with cutting-edge technology, including the Rokid AR Joy, packed with millions of streaming and gaming content, thus allowing for consumers to "take your lifestyle to the next level."

The AR company's products have been patronized in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Its research on various high-end technologies such as semiconductors, optical display, speech recognition and natural language processing allow it to provide products focused on next-level human-computer interaction technology.