President Cyril Ramaphosa, seen here addressing players at a footabll friendly between South Africa and a Palestinian team, has finally announced the long-anticipated date of general elections

President Cyril Ramaphosa launched Home Affairs on Wheels program in Limpopo province to provide easy access to services of Home Affairs department.

The president explained that this program will not just make the process of home-related services easier but also faster and cheaper for South Africans. He noted that for many people in rural areas, traveling till the government offices takes a lot of time and turns out to be expensive.

"The Department of Home Affairs will soon be unveiling a kiosk model that allows you to access services just like withdrawing money at an ATM," he said, SA News reported.

He added, "You will also be able to use the kiosk to apply for a passport or a smart ID card. Another way we have taken the government's services to you, the people, is by opening Home Affairs offices in hospitals for birth registrations."

The president pointed out that opening Home Affairs offices in hospitals has made a huge difference in the rate of civil registrations and the government is hoping that eventually, the number of late registrations of birth will also come down.

Ramaphosa said there are already 412 Home Affairs offices in several parts of South Africa, adding that the Department of Home Affairs has been able to expand with help of its partnership with banks, shopping malls and more.

He further urged people to see these new Home Affairs trucks as their own and treat them as their own.

"Take pride in them and help us to care for them. These trucks are assets meant for the benefit of all people and all communities," he said. "With the advent of democracy, we set out on the path to restore the dignity of all South Africans."

The president recalled that during the apartheid, the regime at that time did not allow black South Africans to live with dignity by controlling how they work, live and travel. However, since the country got freedom in 1994, the government has been able to build such Department of Home Affairs to protect South Africans alongside other residents in the country.

The move came just a few weeks ahead of the upcoming elections, slated to be held on May 29.