South African Consul-General Bobby Moroe urged Nigerians to choose South Africa as their next tourist destination, while praising the diplomatic relations between the two biggest economies in Africa.

During the first-ever South Africa Week Celebrations in Lagos to mark 29 years of diplomatic relations between the countries, Moroe noted that the former was suitable for Nigerians to visit for several purposes, including tourism, finding love, business and education.

"Today, we are celebrating the diplomatic relations between Nigeria and South Africa, we are also celebrating 29 years of democracy in South Africa," he said, Punch reported. "We have chosen to celebrate in Nigeria to appreciate the role Nigeria has played in the struggle for South Africans' liberation."

Moroe stressed South Africa will never forget Nigeria's role in its liberation agenda and this was their way to show appreciation toward the latter.

"Today is the beginning of a new journey in the renewal of our friendship with Nigerians. So, we urge Nigerians to visit South Africa for conferencing, studies, business and to find love," he continued. "South Africa is open for tourism."

South Africa Tourism's Regional Head, Thekiso Rakolojane, also expressed his excitement for the celebrations, while sharing the several attractions in the country.

"We at South Africa Tourism are excited to be part of the celebration of South Africa Week. We have been here since 2015 and we appreciate the relationship so far," he said. "We seize this opportunity to welcome tourists to South Africa to explore the abundance of beaches, wildlife and all."

Several South Africans and Nigerians, who attended the event, talked about their experiences in other countries.

Musa Nzuza, a South African industrial catering professional, said he loved Nigerian food, while adding, "The greetings are second to none; I always feel like a queen when they greet. In fact, Nigeria is my second home."

South Africa International Breweries head Herman Franken said he had worked in places like Zambia, Namibia and Ghana, and found that Nigerians were more friendly and approachable compared to others.

Financial Manager of SON International, Lynette Mitchell, also praised Nigerians for their hospitable and welcoming nature.

Kenneth Joseph, a Nigerian model, said, "South Africans are also loving individuals who are so passionate about their culture. This, I cherish in them. Nigerians must also learn to take pride in their culture and improve on exhibiting it."

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the event also featured Zulu dance, which was traditionally performed to portray happiness during various events like weddings, a child's birth, winning a war or the crowning of kings.

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