Democratic Alliance opposition leader John Steenhuisen says 'the Russian Federation is funding the ANC, and thus infiltrating and destabilising South African democracy'

Member of Parliament Ghaleb Cachalia announced his resignation from the Democratic Alliance (DA) political party on Thursday over a difference in stance on the Israel-Hamas ongoing conflict.

Cachalia noted that it became "increasingly uncomfortable" in the past couple of months to be in the party as he was fired from his position and demoted to shadow cabinet.

"As a consequence, I have been fired from my position in the shadow cabinet – notwithstanding any connection between my erstwhile portfolio and the events referred to," he said, as per the official statement.

The minister explained that he was also accused of "contradicting DA official policy and contravening a caucus injunction to only allow the shadow minister for DIRCO to comment on related matters," adding that he has since received a 'Cease and Desist' notification.

"I dispute the validity of any firm and documented policy as approved through appropriate structures. I note that no such policy is available on any DA website. Moreover, I have not been furnished with any caucus decision which empowers the shadow minister with sole rights of commentary on the matter," he added.

He further explained that due to his stance on the Israel and Hamas conflict, the party had not only sidelined him but also prevented his return as a candidate MP in the upcoming general elections.

The general elections, which are expected to be held in the first half of 2024, will mark the seventh election in the country since the end of the apartheid era in 1994.

During the elections, the ruling African National Congress party will be locking horns with opposition parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters party and the Democratic Alliance.

Cachalia recalled that his repeated attempts to meet the party leader and mediation requests have been met with silence.

He added, "I am also concerned and have communicated as such my uneasiness about the perceptible shift by the party to the right – away from centrist liberal values and principles."

He concluded the statement by mentioning that he has made many solid friends in the party and his decision to leave, doesn't reflect poorly on those committed individuals.